The 5th International Conference on Waste Recycling and Management
(ICWRM 2024)

Co sponsored by Science and Engineering Institute USA etc, the 5th International Conference on Waste Recycling and Management (ICWRM 2024) is to be held in Tokyo, Japan from February 21-23, 2024, as a workshop of IEEA 2024.

The THREE DAY Conference is to provide a forum for discussion of electronics communication technologies and address the unique challenges of these fields. And attracts a multi-stakeholder attendance connecting waste recycling and management and other stakeholders who are involved in the development.

We will be thankful for the contributions to ICWRM 2024. We look forward to your participation and continued engagement at ICWRM Japan.

Topics of Interests (Read more)

  • Environmental Pollution

  • Pollution Control Technologies

  • Solid waste management

  • Industrial waste management

  • Plastic waste management

  • Recycling and Upcycling

  • Waste to Energy

  • Incineration

  • Composting

  • Waste governance, regulations and policies

  • Wastewater management

  • Waste minimization


  • Socio-environmental impacts of waste management

  • Waste Avoidance and Minimization

  • E- waste Management

  • Hazardous waste management

  • Bioenergy and Biofuels from waste

  • Landfills

  • Advanced technologies in waste management

  • Circular economy and Materials flow management

  • Sludge Management

  • Optimization of collection systems

  • Waste valorization


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